Therapy Dog Roxy is a yellow Labrador and certified Therapy Dog. With her human, Hannah - Therapy Dog Handler, researcher and social worker; Roxy and Hannah aim to promote social and mental well-being in the Darwin area. From young children to seniors, and in workplaces, schools and clinical settings.


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Date of birth: 16/06/2012

Breed: Labrador Retriever, Yellow

Likes: Treats, bum scratches, game of tug-o-war, wagging my tail no matter what!



Our Services & Who We Are

We provide Therapy Dog visits in Darwin, Palmerston and surrounds.

Our visiting service comes with professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, Therapy Dog certification*, Working With Children check (NT Ochre Card), and National Police Check.

Hannah is a current PhD candidate at Charles Darwin University. She has a Bachelors degree majoring in Management, and postgraduate degrees in Mental Health Practice, International and Community Development and Social Work.

*Therapy Dog Roxy is certified; Quinton is still undergoing training.


Benefits of Therapy Animals

Therapy Animals serve as non-judgemental companions in the processes of learning, development, socialisation and positive wellbeing. Therapy Dogs are particularly helpful in the community as they already perform in fields of disability assistance, emotional regulation, and assisting those living with a chronic illness. Dogs are the single most commonly used animals in Animal Assisted Interventions (Nimer & Lundahl, 2007).

Therapy Dogs are particularly useful in having positive impacts on a range of human issues and medical conditions. Studies have shown that there are four main areas of the human condition that have demonstrated consistent improvements: those on the Autism Spectrum, people living with chronic medical conditions, children or adults with behavioural issues, and humans in need of immediate emotional wellbeing (Fontana & Jones, 2017).

Trained Therapy Dogs are well suited to assisting humans as they are socially motivated, and will often seek human attention or human interaction. Increasing research on canine cognition show the dog's ability to understand human social cues, like body language, and even emotion. 



We currently offer Therapy Dog visits to workplaces, facilities, schools, clinics and centres in Darwin, Palmerston and surrounds.

Therapy Dog visits can be tailored to you and the needs of your environment, students, clients or employees - either in the workplace, classroom, workshop or seminar, function or event.

Good Dog AAI currently offers rates for not-for-profits and for-profit organisations. If you are interested in our services, but aren't ready to commit, Good Dog AAI is happy to visit you for a one-off no-fee Meet & Greet.

If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate in contacting us through our messaging service, below.




Date of birth: 25/05/2017

Breed: Labrador Retriever, Yellow

Likes: Squeaky toys, cuddles, giving you kisses, shaking your hand!


'Having Roxy and Quinton visit our miPlace drop in centre has been excellent. To watch the big smiles on participants faces as Roxy and Quinton approach them for a pat or cuddle has been both heartwarming and great to see. It certainly seems as though the therapy dogs know when someone is feeling down or stressed and they work with us to create happiness in the centre, and reduce stress and anxiety.'

— Casey, miPlace Coordinator, Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (NT)


'I had just submitted a big assessment and saw the dogs outside the library. I am missing my own dogs like crazy because I am living far from home to study. These two have just restored my balance and made me feel myself again. Thank you so very much!'

— Student at Charles Darwin University

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